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Welcome To Stroudsburg Junior High School!

The Stroudsburg Junior High School includes grades 8 and 9. The facility provides access to several computer labs, Chromebooks, library services, and a student-run media studio for morning announcements. Science, math, English, History and Physical Education are required every year. Advanced and remedial classes in the academic subjects are offered to students who meet specific criteria. A majority of eighth-grade students receive reading instruction, while qualified eighth-grade students may elect to take a World Language (Spanish, French) and Algebra or Geometry for high school credit instead. Other curricular offerings for eighth-grade students include career awareness, computer applications, health, and physical education.

Ninth-grade student course selections allow students to choose from advanced placement, honors, college preparatory, career education, and vocational-technical courses.

A variety of extra-curricular activities are available for the junior high school student to enrich the educational experience. 

An activity bus is available for students on Wednesdays to encourage participation in extracurricular activities.