The Science Department strongly encourages students to take more than one science course per year in grades 9 through 12.  A variety of science classes and electives allows students to customize their science program depending on their intended course of study in college.


The goal of the science department is to give every student the opportunity to gain background knowledge in both the biological and physical sciences.  This will allow students to succeed at the collegiate level or chosen career path, gain a broad understanding of the world around them, and become citizens able to make well informed decisions about societal and technological issues.


To achieve these goals, all 8th grades students will complete a course in Earth & Space Science.  In grades 9 through 12, all students will complete a minimum of coursework in Physical Science, Environment & Ecology, Biology and Chemistry.  An elective science course is also required in reference to their suggested course sequence.


Note:  All students taking Advanced Placement or Honors courses may be expected to complete required summer work.  See course instructor for details.