The scheduling process for our students begins with our Academic, Career and Parent Scheduling Information night usually at the end of February.  It is followed by student presentations in early March along with the distribution of the Program of Studies. The Program of Studies is in newspaper format and contains the necessary information to support your student through the scheduling process.


Once a student is in eighth grade they will be expected to sign up for their elective classes using our Parent/Student portal system. The scheduling portal opens in early March and is open until early April. During the month of April all junior high students will have the opportunity to meet individually with their school counselor. At that time their core courses and electives will be confirmed and a letter will be mailed out to all parents in May for their review and confirmation.


To help facilitate the scheduling process the parent presentation is posted as well as the parent-student scheduling worksheet. The worksheet provides a format to facilitate parent/student discussion when making decisions regarding classes to register for the following school year.