By: B. Morykan


Minithon has become a big deal to 9th graders. Minithon is an event that raises money to conquer childhood cancer. To support the cause, t-shirts were sold. The shirts sold out fast which just shows the overall support for the cause and event.


The event itself was held May 11-12 at the high school, and ran a total of 12 hours. During those 12 hours participants were not allowed to sit and had to remain standing or dancing the whole time.


There was an assembly held before the actual event that explained the story of how minithon originated. It told the story of how a young boy battling cancer wrote a story about the four diamonds of strength, wisdom, courage and honesty. The boy’s family then started an organization to help children battling cancer. “I liked the assembly because it just gave so muchmore meaning to the event.” said C. Ruschman.


After the assembly, students went into the gym where the party took place. Everyone was either dancing or playing games such as ping-pong or a bean bag toss. Zumba was also included in the activities. The room was always buzzing with action. Performances were put on by students to determine who was Mr. and Mrs. Minithon.


Some students cut their hair or shaved their head to support those battling cancer. Others puton face paint to embrace the energy. “I loved seeing everyone with their face painted because it helped show the overall support.” said N. Bellesfield.


The amount that was raised was revealed at 8 a.m. when the 12 hours were up. The total amount of money that was raised at Minithon was $94,102.74. “I was astonished by the amount that we raised as a whole. It was pretty incredible.” said E. Paputchi.


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