Michael Fowlin Assembly

Written by: Sarah and Raven

Michael Fowlin

Michael Fowlin, a motivational speaker who uses psychology and acting to send out a message, came to the school on Monday to give a presentation to the students.

Michael, better known as Mykee, was at the Junior High on Monday, January 22 and gave an assembly for all the students of the school.

His main goal was to share the idea that everyone is worthy and your life matters. He taught students that they do not know the things happening in someone else’s life until you really get know them.

Mykee opened the assembly by telling stories about personal times in his life showing how everyone goes through things. To make the meaning more comfortable, Mykee added hints of humor to the acts. Kaylee Marin, a student who watched the performance, described the introduction as, “Exciting and drew you in.”

To present his ideas he acted as different characters that told their stories. Most of the characters had personalities that you would not expect because of stereotypes. He showed that we make assumptions about people without knowing their stories.

Mykee told the students things that most people needed to hear. Sarah Crowley-Juliano said, “He let me know that I'm allowed to be sad.”

The students showed their enjoyment by posting positive messages on social media and said “you are beautiful” to one another in the halls. He impacted the student body and let them see things from different perspectives.

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