Goodbye Fresh-Meats!

Written By: M. Hentze

Class of 2021

Goodbye Fresh-Meats!

Written By: M. Hentze


Class of 2021, you made it through your first year of high school! The Stroudsburg Junior High School has helped us bring so many memories to our first high school experience. From the school dances, to prep rallies, to writing essays & doing state testings, to starting to figure out what career path we want to go down when we’re adults. Here’s to the great year & many more to come, let’s recap!


Highlights of the Year


What’s the first thing that comes to your head when you reflect back on your freshman year at the Junior High School?


Maybe you’d remember our very first homecoming dance and float. From dressing up and dancing the night away, to working in the shed completing the John Hughes themed Flubber float.


What about the last fall pep rally with our old principal Mr. Cron? With homerooms being divided into 2 teams, maroon and white had to compete in a series of games to win. By the way, Mr. Cron, we’re still waiting on who actually won in total.


Or let’s discuss our extremely loud, annoying hand dryers in the bathroom. Luckily at the high school they’re a lot quieter and we have doors that close to the bathroom.


Neon lights themed formal was another dance to remember. Taking pictures with friends, dancing to throwback songs, and throwing orbits across the room.


Who can forget about our first minithon we could go to. Raising over $94,000 for such a great cause. Buying pins, lanyards, and our annual 6 different colored t-shirts. Courage, honesty, strength, and wisdom!


Having themed class parties such as Mardi Gras, Pie Day, and Cinco de Mayo. Getting together, celebrating with food and songs and movies are great examples of having fun in school.


For all of the theatre geeks, how about working hard on our annual High School Musical. The students had such a success in How to Succeed in Business without really Trying with all the singing, acting, and costume changes.

How about our school athletes? Going to practice every day while keeping up with schoolwork, being competitive against other schools, and the best part of all; attending their banquet and receiving their varsity letters.


Also, who can forget the transition of having two different principals in the same school year? Do you think the school was different with Mr. Larthey as principal?


Lastly, who can forget the by far best substitute teacher in the Junior High. Telling stories of their past, making us smile, and genuinely a great person to talk to.


I think we can all agree that the class of 2021’s first year of high school was very memorable. The Junior High has really helped us all have an interesting two years. Here’s to our freshman year, the hard work we put in, the friends we made, the events we had, and the teachers that helped us become who we are today. Good Luck at the High School!

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