The Music Department consists of music educators who are also active musicians in the community. The staff brings a blend of both musical and educational experience that serves the students well in developing their own skills with their chosen field of music, instrumental or vocal. Studying the arts has been shown to improve students’ self confidence, concentration, cultural awareness, memory, decision making, and self esteem.

Eighth Grade: The Music Department offers three electives for interested eighth graders: chorus, string orchestra, and band. Chorus is available to any student who enjoys singing, while orchestra and band are available only to those who have 3 years of experience on their instrument.

Ninth Grade: The Music Department offers full academic credit for 9th Grade Concert Band, Concert Choir, and String Orchestra. These courses will help fulfill the arts/humanities requirements for graduation.


Students in the SJHS Music Department will have the opportunity to audition for extra-curricular groups such as marching band, jazz band, chamber orchestra, show choir, and musicals.