Math Education

The Math department offers a variety of courses to meet the needs of all students.  The advanced placement/honors courses are for students with a strong mathematical ability and work ethic.  The college preparatory classes are for those students who wish to continue their studies after graduation from high school.  The remianing math classes are designed for students that have a weakness in mathematics.  The extended time courses are for students that struggle with basic math concepts.


The recommended sequence strongly encourages each student to take two years of algebra and a geometry course prior to his or her senior year.  One reason is to help ensure success on the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA).  The courses offered are aligned to state standards, with a focus on the state anchors.  Successful completion of the math course requirements gives students the necessary tools to be successful in numbers and operations, measurement, geometry, algebraic concepts, and data and probability. It is highly recommended that each student has his/her own scientific calculator to use on a daily basis.


Mathematics is a cumulative discipline within each course as well as from one grade level to the next, so it is expected that each student in any high school math course keeps up with all work assigned by the teacher.  This will include trying to complete all homework assignments which are given almost daily in most courses.  It will also include being responsible for making up any missed work due to class absences in a timely fashion.  Lastly, the prerequisite for any course is required to continue on grade level in the sequence of study and has been written to offer the student the best chance of success as he/she progresses through his/her high school study of mathematics.