Stroudsburg Golf 2018

Coach Pete Sobrinski  (since 2001)


Front row left to right; J. Jasionowicz, D. Bruzzesse, J. Koch, O. Patrow, X. Rodriguez, L. Bunn, M. Ortiz. Back row left to right; Coach P. Sobrinski, P. Barry, D. Mercurio, J. Mercurio, B. Bentz, C. Merring, J. Meyers

What Golfers Need to Know

Coach Sobrinski 570-730-1886


Do all players make the team? No.  

How much time must you commit to participating on the golf team during the golf season?

We practice and/or play matches Monday through Friday beginning in, August through October. Players who qualify for Districts continue to compete through October. (Note: Saturday can be a make-up day in rare instances.) 

How will you know if you will participate in practice or matches?

I will tell you.  You need to check your e-mail and cell phones daily to see if you will be competing in the matches the day before each match.  You must respond to me by text ASAP, so that I know that you are going to attend. 

How many golfers will play in the matches?
8 golfers will compete in all season matches, while only the best 5 scores count.

What should the “extra” players do when the team has away matches?
Although “extra” players will not be provided with school transportation to golf, they are encouraged to make arrangements to golf with other team players.  At a minimum, “extra” golfers are permitted to use the driving ranges at Shawnee and often will be able to play 9 holes.

How will you get your clubs to school, and where will you store them?

Note-All golfers should bring their clubs to school by car, not by bus. 

  • At the JH- Put them neatly in room E522.  If you have clubs dropped off during     the day, ask the office to call my room.
  • At the HS- Golfers store their clubs in a closet near the weight room.

How will you be transported to and from Shawnee?

Before the first day of the school year begins, players are responsible for their own transportation to and from Shawnee for practices and home matches.  However, bus transportation will be provided for away matches.

Beginning on the first day of the school, the school provides a bus immediately after school every school day to and from practices and matches.  Immediately after school, a bus will pick up any freshmen golfers at the junior high. They will be bused to the high school and board another bus along with the sophomore, junior, and senior golfers.  All players will be transported by bus to and from practices and matches. Parents must pick you up at the high school after practices and matches, not at the golf course/s.

How will golfers know if golf is postponed on rainy days?
All players should check their cell phone and listen to the school announcements. 

When are intramurals held?
After the season is complete, we will continue to hold intramurals at Shawnee and/or the junior high gym, but you must provide your own transportation.

Golf Uniform

Players need to be properly dressed in our team uniform before we depart on a bus for practices and/or matches and/or any other public place.  This policy will be enforced during all practices and matches and any time that you are golfing at Shawnee with or without the team.


Our properly worn uniform consists of:
1.   White team shirt fully tucked in. 
2.   Maroon Stroudsburg Golf hat worn forward in a traditional manner.
3.   Pants and shorts must be worn at the natural waistline.  No jeans, sweats, cargo pants or cargo shorts. 
4.   No jewelry.

*Failure to properly wear our golf team uniform to practice and matches will result in disciplinary measures.

Note-All golf team members are encouraged to wear our team shirts to school on match days regardless if they compete in the match.


Why Wear a Uniform?

We represent Stroudsburg High School, not just ourselves.  Uniforms have a positive influence on our program’s success and our school’s reputation.  Wearing a uniform is the least we can do for several reasons. They foster unity and team chemistry.  Golfers behave better when they wear them.  They make players feel proud to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  Uniforms look professional and send the messages that: you respect yourself; you will focus on golf and play well; you are proud to be part of our team; you appreciate your golfing privileges; you are concerned about maintaining the course; and you are not looking to be noticed for anything else than your golfing ability.  It says thanks to Shawnee for all the opportunities that we receive.  Also, it says thanks to our school district for providing us with them.  Any player who refuses to follow this policy fails to understand some part of this and will jeopardize our success.

Directions to Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort

From Stroudsburg High School:
Turn Left onto West Main Street.
Turn Right onto Dreher Ave.
Turn Left onto Rte. 80 East
Take Exit 309 (Old Exit 52)- Marshall's Creek. 
          This exit leads you onto Rte. 209.
          Go about 2 miles on Rte. 209.
          (Look for Shawnee sign.)
Turn Right onto Buttermilk Falls Road.
          Go about 1 mile to the stop sign at the end of the road.
Turn Left onto River Road. 
          Go about 1/2 mile on River Road. 
          (Look for Shawnee sign.)

Take 1st Right into Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort. 

Dates to Remember

Physicals: Mandatory. 

  • All students must have a physical before practicing the first day.   
  • All forms must be completed before you arrive at physicals. 


*Try Outs: (Rain or shine)

 Monday, August __________ (Time: To be announced)


Practice Begins: (Rain or shine)

Tuesday, August   _________ (Time: To be announced)


Matches Begin:____________TBA


Practice: TBA


*All players must be available for try outs.

Junior Golf Tours 2018

Lehigh Valley Junior Golf Tour

Karl Gilbert, President

Allentown, PA 18103




Mid-Atlantic States Junior Tour

Karl Gilbert, President

Allentown, PA 18103



Anthracite Junior Golf Tour

Peckville, PA 18452


All of these tours are played during the summer. The cost is minimal, and the players are grouped by age. 

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Awards & Honors

O. Patrow
O. Patrow MVP of EPC 2018-19 (2 Consecutive Seasons)

Stroudsburg Golf Championships

1968  District XI 
1975  CIAA 
1989  CIAA 
1990  CIAA
1990  CIAA Tournament 
1992  CIAA
1993  CIAA Tournament 

Mountain Valley Conference (League begins in 2002)

2002  MVC League Champs & MVC Tournament Champs

2006   …………………………  MVC Tournament Champs
2007  MVC League Champs & MVC Tournament Champs
2008  MVC League Champs & MVC Tournament Champs
2009  MVC League Champs & MVC Tournament Champs
2010  MVC League Champs & MVC Tournament Champs

2011  MVC League Champs & MVC Tournament Champs

2012  MVC League Champs & MVC Tournament Champs

2013  MVC League Champs & MVC Tournament Champs

2018 District XI Championship Medalist

O. Patrow 2018 District XI Championship Medalist 72 Lehigh Country Club

2018 EPC Tourney at Woodstone

2018 EPC Tourney at Woodstone
Left to right: O. Patrow, J. Jasionowicz, M. Oehrlein, B. Bentz, J. Koch