Tips for Parents

What things does a JHS student need to do to be successful?


  • Stay Organized- Organization is vital to academic success.  Students could potentially have fourteen different teachers at the JHS in a single shool year.  We recommend students use an agenda book.  All students will receive a school issued agenda the first day of school.  Students should write their homework assignments in the agenda so they can ensure that their work gets home at the end of the day and so they can plan to do work for long-term assignments.  We also recommend students use a 5 star notebook as we have found the less things they have to keep track of the better organized they will stay.


  • Time Management- Once in the JHS, students start getting pulled in many different directions and some students find it difficult to budget their time appropriately.  Many students are getting involved in more time consuming extracurricular activities, while their academic responsibilities outside of school are increasing.  

    We recommend that parents and students set up a daily routine and schedule time for homework nightly.  Students should be spending minimally 45 minutes to an hour on homework/studying every school night.  Once a routine is established, make sure your child sticks to it. 


  • Homework- Completing homework regularly is essential to academic success at the JHS.  Not only does homework provide extra practice for concepts taught in the classroom, but not completing homework will negatively impact your child’s grades.  Typically, class failure results from zeros related to not completing homework. 


How can I best support my child?


  • Talk to your child regularly- about how they are doing in school, about whether they have homework, tests.  During their adolescent years, students often become preoccupied with extracurricular activities and socialization.  Consequently, school work drops as a priority.  Make sure you see them doing homework.  Junior High School students should be spending 45 minutes to an hour on homework a night. Periodically, check their homework. 


  • Use Parent Portal- Parent portal is an invaluable tool that allows parents to view their child’s current grades on-line.  Parents can now be better informed on how their student is doing during a marking period.  In order to get enrolled on Parent Portal, click here.  Select the "Community Portal Application and Acceptable Use Policy Form" link.  Use the keyword Mountie.


  • Attend the JHS Open House- usually held in September, check the school calendar for dates.  At the Open House, you will be able to meet your child’s teachers and gain valuable information about each course’s expectations.


  • If your child is not meeting success, schedule and attend Parent Conferences- Most times collaboration with your child’s teachers can help you better support them at home and inform you of areas they can improve.  We recommend that you bring your student to the conferences so that the student is actively involved in the process.  Parent conferences are normally conducted in November and February, check the school calendar for dates.


  • Review each Progress Report and Report Card with your Student- and pay close attention to teacher comments.  They can provide you valuable information on how your student is doing. 


  • Communicate with your student’s teachers- Most teachers prefer to communicate through email.  All of the teachers’ emails are on the district website.  On the district homepage, click on “About our District” and then click on Faculty Directory.