Registration Process for New Students

Welcome to the Stroudsburg Area School District “The Pride of the Poconos”!  This pages contains the required information needed to enroll your son/daughter in our school district.  Before we can register your child, you must obtain a registration packet from the Student Registration Office located at Stroudsburg High School, 1100 West Main Street, Stroudsburg, PA 18360. All registrations must schedule an appointment at 570-213-3669.  In order for the registration packet to be complete, the following information is required:


  • A fully completed Student Registration Form with parent/guardian signature.
  • PIN Number.  The Property Identification Number (PIN#) can be found on your tax bill or by calling your local tax collector or the county Tax Assessor’s Office at (570) 517-3133.  If you rent, your landlord can provide you with this number.
  • Original Birth Certificate/Passport.
  • Up-to-date Immunization Records.
  • MUST provide a mortgage or lease. 
  • TWO Official Proofs of residency: driver’s license, current utility bill, receipt for payment of municipal and/or school district taxes, receipt for payment of earned income tax from Berkheimer Associates, voter registration card, registration of motor vehicle card, and motor vehicle insurance card.
  • Fully completed Release of Records Form (including address of former school).
  • Fully completed Transportation Registration Card.
  • Student’s most recent report card or grades to date/transcripts.
  • Educational testing results/scores (i.e. CAT, PSSA, IOWA, etc.)
  • Any special education paperwork, (i.e. IEP’s, CR’s, Psychological/Psychiatric reports).


When a special education student(s) transfers to the Stroudsburg Area School District from another Pennsylvania School District, our district will maintain the IEP from the previous Pennsylvania School district pending preparation and implementation of a new IEP.


When a special education student(s) transfers to the Stroudsburg Area School District from another state, our district will review the student’s IEP and any other relevant information as soon as possible and will convene a meeting with the parents to discuss the student’s program.