Pennsylvania System of School Assessment

What are the PSSA’s?

  • The PSSA’s are Pennsylvania’s state assessments that are given to all 8th grade students to determine whether students and schools are meeting the rigorous standards developed by the state in certain subject areas.


What subject areas are being assessed?

  • English Language Arts, Math and Science


What are the different Performance Levels that can be achieved?

  • Advanced- superior academic performance indicating a thorough understanding of concepts
  • Proficient- satisfactory academic performance indicating a solid understanding of concepts
  • Basic- marginal academic performance indicating a partial understanding of concepts.  A student is working towards, but has not yet reached satisfactory performance.
  • Below Basic- inadequate academic performance that indicates minimal understanding of concepts.


How will I find out my student’s results?

  • The results are mailed to you after we receive them from the state.


How are these assessments used in the Junior High School?

  • The results are used in part to schedule students for course levels.  Also, Reading Edge and extended time Math classes are required for students who do not score Proficient or higher.  These classes are scheduled in order to further develop math and reading skills.