Counseling Services and Programs

Student Ambassadors- are 8th and 9th grade students who want to support our school environment.  They assist the school in many ways.  However, their most primary responsibility is to help orient new students to our district.  Most new students are very nervous about our school’s rules and routines.  Our Student Ambassadors will provide building tours.  They make sure new students are able to use their locker and help them through the cafeteria.  At times, they will also eat lunch with them.  Our Student Ambassadors also assist with other student orientations, 7th grade transition, Open House, and all other events where we need student representation. 


Information for Counseling Services in the Pocono Area can be accessed by clicking on the Counseling Resources link.


Student Informational Sessions

The School Counselors schedule various informational sessions for students who may need to improve various skills. These sessions are developed based on the needs of our students. Currently we are offering the following:


Pyramid of Success- "What is the true meaning of success." this and more will be discussed using short videos, group activities and discussion. It is covered in 2 sessions.


Nick Vujicic-Perspective, Vision, Choices-Learn more about this amazing man who was born with no arms or legs and how he overcame life's challenges to become a successful man. There will be a video and discussion describing his keys to success. It is covered in 1 session.


Randy Pausch-Achieving Childhood Dreams-Learn more about Randy and how he achieved his childhood dreams, how he believes you can too. There will be several videos, time for discussion and for students to develop their own goals/dreams and a plan to achieve them. It is covered in 4 sessions. 


Holland Personality Types and Career Pathways-Students will learn how their own unique personalities can be linked to career pathways. Students will complete a brief questionnaire regarding their personalities, abilities and likes.  The data will be used to match them to the different career pathways that match their interest types. It is covered in 1 session.


Skills for Success-Students will learn ways to become more organized. Time management, and goal setting will also be discussed. Students can take one or all three depending on their needs.

Parent Workshops

During fall parent conference days the Junior High School Guidance Department will conduct a one hour Parent Workshop. A flyer with the information will be included with the first marking period report card. All sign ups will take place through the guidance secretary. You must be pre-registered to attend.The workshop includes information on the following: Career Cruising, How to use the Program of Studies and the various Guidance web sites.  All of this information will be helpful in supporting your student while they journey through career development, high school course selections and post-secondary planning.